Wednesday, 23 September 2020

My Whakapapa Story

        My Whakapapa     


I have a huge Whanau so I couldn't begin to fit everyone in my picture. I will start to introduce my Whanau. The tallest koru on the right hand side is my Dad, General. The second tallest is my cousin, cousin Lester. I have a nickname for him which is “Bruno.” The two koru under my Dad are my Mom and Aunt. The brown koru is my Mom’s dad who has already died and that is why I drew a halo above his head. The fourth tallest is my cousin Bianca and she is only one year older than me; plus… SHE’S MY NIECE!? I am the small green koru next to my Mom. I am 10 years old. On the far left are two last koru which represent my Lola and Lolo or Grandma and Grandpa in the Philippines. My family is really special to me. 😜

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