Monday, 11 November 2019

real or Fake

                               This is a liosaurus rex and the one up there is a lemon flexing

Bird of the year

                               The bird of the year is the Hoiho

                          The Hoiho is now the bird of the year in 2019  it was announced 30 minutes ago

                                   Hoiho's are the largest bird in New Zealand they grow up to 75 cm

                                           The maximum age of a Hoiho is 20 years old

                                                Hoiho's live in the South not the North

                                                     The Hoiho is endangered

Tuesday, 3 September 2019

Saving money

Hi a guest came to our school and she's called Nicky. She works in ASB bank and she taught us about money, like here's an example. There was one kid and his best friend. The first kid saved his money in the bank and his best friend saved money in his saving box because they wanted to buy a car. 2 years later their other friend started saving too. 
Who has the most money? The first kid has $6680 and his best friend has $6680 also but the other friend only has $4245. The first kid actually didn't get the same with his best friend because he saved his money in the bank they gave him 3% Interest. So he actually got $7300 so that's why you should put your savings in the bank. You don't have to but it's your choice. Cash stands for clear, action, save and How. When I grow up I want to be Youtuber even though I already am a youtuber. A famous one I guess. Also I have art class so that's why I want to be a Picasso or an Artist. I hope you like my blog.


Tuesday, 20 August 2019

Making a Tukutuku pattern

Last week we did Tukutuku patterns and we used red and black strips and its called weaving. We had to glue the ends after we had woven the strips over and under in a pattern. Maori people make them for the walls in their meeting houses. My favorite Maori design is the Taniwha's tooth. Hope you like it

Monday, 5 August 2019

Smart Relationship Qualities

This week of Cyber-smart we literally made Marshmallow Spaghetti towers but ours failed and I felt like a loser but we learned to never give up. My two partners were Julio and Chaning. 
We had to use 12 Spaghetti raw noodles and like I said 8 Marshmallows and we showed Friendship because we didn't give up and worked  together like a team but...... the plan failed and our tower was only 8 cm but it was still worth it because we demolished the marshmallows by eating them and enjoyed it so you try it have a great day bye!